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Vanquish LCD

From $299.95

Vanquish released the new LCD 1000W Digital Ballast. This ballast fires both SE and DE bulbs. Use with or without remote. (Sold Separately) Preset timer setting and multiple dimming selections.

Valiant 1000 W SE DE BALLAST

From $199.99

The Valiant ballast is your answer for an affordable SE/DE Ballast. They will fire both HPS, MH, single ended and double ended bulbs. 3 year warranty. ****There knob dial allows the ballasts to perform at 400/600/1000/Super (max 1075)****

Vanquish Flip-LCD

From $394.99

No more flip boxes or two ballasts needed for your multiple Flower Rooms. Try the all new Vanquish flip. When both out puts are used the timer automatically sets for 12 an 12. Use just one output and the ballast runs as a normal LCD ballast with preset times for your style of grow.

Vanquish 1000w D/E Ballast

From $289.99

Vanquish 1000 Watt Double Ended Ballast. This ballast does fire Double Ended and Single Ended MH and HPS bulbs at 400w/600w/1000w/SUPER (1040w)

Vanquish 600 Watt Digital Ballast.

From $199.99

The all new Vanquish Lighting brought to you by Great Lakes Garden Wholesale. This ballast features a dimming selection of 600W-SL, 600W, 400W-SL 400W dial. This ballast will fire a HPS and MH SE bulbs. Pick yours up today!

Vanquish LCD Remote

From $13.99

Now use the Vanquish Remote on the All-in-One, The Vanquish Flip, Vanquish LCD-FCC Ballast. This remote will also work on other ballasts on the market.

Vanquish 1000 Watt Split Box Magnetic

From $189.99

The Split Box Magnetic Ballast is a heavy duty, quality built core and coil ballast. Unique design of the dual compartments keeps critical components cooler than any other ballast.

Energy Station Cali-Ballast 1000W

From $159.99

The Energy Station Cali-Ballast is a super compact, high efficiency electronic HID lamp ballast that will operate your choice of 1000 watt metal halide or high pressure sodium HID lamps. Featuring a slick, compact modern design that incorporates excellent cooling airflow characteristics, the Ultra Grow E-Ballast Mini has built-in dimming technology that allows the user to operate lamps at 100%, 75%, and 50% output levels. Dimming capability allows young plants to be grown using less electricity, with the ability to add intensity as the plants grow and take up a larger area. Dual voltage compatible, running on either 120V or 240V, the UltraGrow E-Ballast Mini measures 10 inches long by 5 1/4 inches wide by 2 inches tall and weighs a mere 5 pounds. Comes standard with 8-foot long 120V power cord.

Solistek 1000 Watt DE Digital Ballast

From $349.99

SolisTek ballasts, the electrical draw is controlled by our internal software, maximizing your electrical efficiency. Soft-Start technology are standard in all SolisTek Digital Ballasts. SenseSmart™: Pre-ignition self-diagnostic checks, which will check for 8 different factors before attempting to power the lamp. SenseSmart™ checks for: Open Output, High/low temps (internal), Ignition Failure, Thermal, End of Lamp Life, Overflow Current, Over/Low Voltage, and Short Circuit. Solis Boost Overdrive: SolisTek's overdrive does not harm the longevity of the lamp. Contrary to industry standards, Solis Boost will only overdrive the lamp by 5%. Because STK ballasts are rated so efficiently, the extra boost in power will not affect the lamps lumen depreciation or shorten lamp life.

Solistek Matrix Remote

From $14.99

Exclusive SolisTek remote control will allow you to wirelessly configure the wattage settings and set the integrated digital timer for your SolisTek Matrix Ballast(s)

Solistek Matrix Remote II

From $29.92

Pick up the new remote for the new Matrix Series Ballasts. This remote will only work with the new Ballasts.