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SunShine Ultra Coir

From $23.99

SUNSHINE ADVANCED ULTRA COIR 2. 0 A step up from basic coconut coir for all your hydroponic growing.

Sunshine Advanced Mix #4

From $54.95

The gold standard for professional growing mixes Natural and organic Myco-active Coco coir No Burn formula lets you dictate your own feeding schedule Available in both Ready To Use and Compressed packaging formats Formulated with earth-friendly ingredients to retain moisture, provide improved root aeration and drainage, and develop strong, healthy root systems for maximum stem, flower and foliage growth. Peat moss and coconut fiber retain water and nutrients for optimal plant growth, combined with increased perlite to provide excellent drainage. The organic nutrient package provides a supplemental charge after three to four weeks and the endomycorrhizal blend enhances the ability of plants to access the nutrients in the root zone.

SunGro Sunshine Mix #4

From $55.95

Mix #4 is recommended where high air capacity and fast drainage are needed: during winter months, with water and salt sensitive crops, or where frequent leaching is required.

Sunshine #4 HP

From $0.00

Sunshine Mix #4 High Porosity Growing Mix is specifically designed for the hydro market with increased amounts of Perlite for improved porosity. Recommended for indoor growing. May be used for all types of containers and crops. Contains Canadian sphagnum peat moss, coir, perlite, lime, wetting agent and mycorrhizae Provides superior drainage Contains resilience, may improve resistance to wilting Expands up to 2x

Sunshine #4 2.8 cuft loose

From $22.99

SunGro Sunshine #4 2.8cuft Loose fill (54 bags come on a pallet). This is the same product as the black bag sunshine #4 aggregate plus 3,8 cu ft but in the loose fill with a white and green label.

Michigan Mediums Worm Castings

From $34.99

WORM CASTINGS FOR SOIL AMENDING Michigan Mediums WORM CASTINGS set the standard for quality in vermicompost. Our worms are fed a fixed diet which create high quality castings excellent for use in soil building, top dresses and amending. Michigan Mediums WORM CASTINGS provides fungal activity for your soil and food for the microbiology. Just hand sprinkle on top of existing soil & water well. Helps plants absorb nutrients quicker. Mix small amounts into the soil. Increases plant vigor and health as well as adds to overall yield. Mix with Michigan Mediums COMPOST PLUS for a tea mix.

Michigan Mediums Compost

From $24.99

COMPOST PLUS FOR SOIL AMENDING A humidified thermophilic manure compost designed for soil amending that is quality crafted from dairy manure. Best used as a soil additive for an extra boost and can be used in compost tea mixes. Just hand sprinkle on top of existing soil & water well. A humidified, thermophilic manure compost designed for soil amending. Quality crafted from dairy manure and mixed with a few special ingredients for that extra kick. Can be used in compost tea mixes. Best used as a soil additive for an extra boost. Just hand sprinkle on top of existing soil & water well. Packed full of beneficial microbes which allow good balance to the soil.

Michigan Mediums Start Mix

From $24.99

START MIX FOR SEEDS & CLONES Perfect for starting Clones and Seedlings. Beneficial fungi (Glomes Intraradices, Glomes Mosseae, Glomes Etunicatum, Glomes Aggregatum at 130,000 propagules per gram) designed to build your plants a healthy root structure. Germination mix, fine enough for delicate seeds and capable of holding moisture for extended periods. Enriched with 16 carefully selected ingredients including Organic Compost and Worm Castings. Formulated from organic ingredients including fungal matter that helps root structure.

Michigan Mediums Veg Mix

From $24.99

VEG MIX FOR HEAVY VEG The perfect mix for the vegetative growing state Great for maintaining mother plants. Gentle enough for transplants and has an abundance of nutrients that have a high level of Nitrogen for explosive natural growth. No need to add additional fertilizer to this mix.

Michigan Mediums Bloom Mix

From $24.99

BLOOM MIX FOR FLOWERING Complete the growing cycle when plants in a vegetative state are ready to move on. This super soil is blended with an abundance of Phosphates, 17 total ingredients to promote strong healthy blooms, and enriched with 77 different trace minerals. This mix has the nutrients available for the entire grow cycle no need for any over the counter fertilizers for most plants. Great for anything growing indoors or outdoors. Provides microbiology to grow healthy, vibrant plants. Little to no fertility needs to be added.

Michigan Mediums Vegetable and Herb

From $24.99

VEGETABLE MIX FOR VEGETABLES & HERBS Professional grade premium potting soil. Great for anything growing indoors or outdoors. Provides microbiology to grow healthy, vibrant plants. Little to no fertility needs to be added. Used for all potted plants, vegetables, flowers, herbs, trees, shrubs or roses.

Monster Clone 36 count plug tray

From $39.99

Monster Clone Plugs. 36 ct. Triple the size and triple the roots. These trays fit the universal 10 by 20 dome. Once the clones are ready to transplant they can be transferred into 1 or even 2 gallon pots.